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Poker is an entertaining, gambling paper tool popular around the world. Because of their different play, it is commonly known as solitaire, Wan liu, Ma jiu, the title is different. Its standard name poker is poker transliteration. The origins of playing cards can not yet be completely determined, but generally believed to have evolved from the French Tarot. Early poker cards were most likely imported into Europe from Egypt by the end of the 14th century. In the 15th century, K was usually regarded as the largest card, while A was the smallest card. Now that A is the largest, 2 the smallest, probably started after the French Revolution of the late eighteenth century. JOKER was invented in the United States and then passed back to Europe with poker. The origin of poker, long history. People only know that poker is transmitted from foreign countries in Europe. In fact, paper-based toys originated in China.

Print playing cards

My name is Hobo and I’m from NJ. I really like playing cards. I usually play cards with family or friends on weekends. Recently I went out to travel, took a lot of photos, I really like. I want to print them on playing cards. I saw a blog that introduced a website that could personalize playing cards. Then I decided to take a look. Oh, some designers also have some designs. They are special. Then I upload my photos and when I see the preview, they are all pretty.

Receiving the personalized playing cards

A few days ago, I received a playing card. The quality is really good. Printing is also very good. The price is not expensive. I really like this card. I think they would be surprised when my friend saw the card. I will recommend this site to my friend.

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