Buying a shower curtain in my design

Shower curtain is to prevent the light and dust, light household items, with a shower curtain bathroom not only safe, but full of fun. However, the shower curtain should be cleaned and descaled frequently due to the wetness of the bathroom and the growth of bacteria. In general, shower curtains should be removed for cleaning after a period of time.As the bathroom is more damp and splash on a dirt, so after a period of time, it is necessary to wash the shower curtain, it is recommended to use pine oil. This can be cleaned pen stains stains are hard to wash the stains, but also play a bactericidal disinfection. Then over the water, wipe it directly, it is easy to use. Soak the shower curtain soak in the detergent water, soak for 10-15 minutes. Then use the brush of the laundry brush. If there is not clean, you can directly brush the laundry brush, so that you can wash clean. Bath curtains, shower curtains and blisters can be added in the washing machine, after adding 4 cups of vinegar to stand overnight after washing machine washing. This method not only sterilization, and can neutralize all the dirt, but also save the trouble of hands-on shower curtain.

Buying a shower curtain in my own design

My name is Lili, and I want to decorate my bathroom recently. I want to buy a shower curtain and use my own design, but it’s hard to find such a special store. I know there’s no local store selling this kind of shower curtain. I’m trying to search on the Internet, and I see a blog that introduces a website that sells a lot of personalized items. I went to the website, and I was surprised to find that they also sold the shower curtains. I put my picture on the shower curtain and asked the customer to use my design bath curtain.

Satisfy with the shower curtain

Now I’ve got a personalized shower curtain. The quality is very good and the printing is very special. I will recommend to my friends that they will like it, too.

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