Buying a special wallet for my girl friend

First of all, with the continuous improvement of people’s taste and pursuit, girls wallet color has gradually abandoned the traditional thick and simple black and brown, and even male wallet has gradually developed into a beautiful color. For office workers girls, beautiful and fancy wallet color has become popular favorite color, such as apricot, pink, light purple, beige and so on.

So for girls, especially girls in big cities, do not let others say that they are very rustic, it is best to choose some vibrant fashion colors as the color of the wallet. Do not ignore this small jewelry wallet Oh, but it reflects the fashion of a girl and taste.

Buying a wallet for my girl friend

I’m Justin, from New York. Next week, my girlfriend’s birthday is coming. I want to give her a wallet, because her wallet is old. I chose a lot of kinds, but they are normal. I want to buy a special one. One day I saw a blog recommending a website that sells multiple products. When I saw the website, I found that they also had a wallet. There are many kinds of wallets. They are special. I really do not know which one to choose, I like a few. When I contact customer service, they tell me that they can also be customized. I am surprised. Finally, I try to make a custom. I look forward to receiving my wallet.

Giving my girl friend a surprise

Yesterday, I received the wallet. Oh, I’m surprised. really good. Not only the quality of the wallet itself, but also the quality of print. Typographic fonts are very good. I will use this wallet to give my girl a surprise.

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