Buying a car flag for my son

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Buying car window flag for my son

My name is Hebbe, I was in Los angeles. Last month, my son bought a new car. I want to buy a gift for him. He bought a cover for his car and I wanted to buy him a special window sign. I saw a blog before, and it introduced a web site called Brightent, and I decided to go and see it. Oh, I see the sign of this window is very good and there are a lot of kinds. Habit also says it can be personal. I tried to make a window logo design. It’s easy. After I finished, the customs told me that I could do what I liked to do, and I was really excited. I pay the money immediately. I hope my son will like it.

Received the window flag

I have recently received a sign from the window. The quality is really good. When I handed the flag to my son, he said he was very satisfied. It looks cool. He also asked me where I could buy the cool window flag, and he would recommend it to his friends, too.

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